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Pastor Brian and Leslie Cook

Senior Pastor

Pastor Brian and Leslie moved here from there last assignment in Idaho to Pastor Calvary Chapel Wofford Heights across the lake. They remained there for approximately 2 years until God had new plans. Kern Christian Church, (KCC) was in need of a Pastor and they made themselves available for a very special reason. Their existing church was outgrowing its building and KCC was pastor hunting. A merge of the 2 churches was proposed and all agreed. The Cooks have been lovingly received at KCC which is now Kern Calvary Chapel. They are new parents and have no plans to move anytime soon. 

Pastor Rick and Rosky Gonzales

Associate Pastor

Rick and Rosky came from KCC and Rick has been our Assistant Pastor for years. He and Rosky bring a perspective strongly led by a lifetime of living in God's word and mentoring. Rick and Rosky are leaders and helpers but most importantly faithful servants, Mother, Father and leaders anointed by God and filled with wisdom that only an Elder led by God can have. 

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